This documentation is still a work in progress. If you have any issues or questions, please ask on the unitex-devel mailing list or file a bug in our issue tracker.

Disabling console output

If you are looking to optimize the processing times and, under a multithreaded environment, to avoid to get mixed up messages printed to the console, it is advised to disable all the Unitex console outputs.


/* There is a set of callbacks for rerouting stdin, stdout and stderr IO */
/* t_fnc_stdOutWrite (for stdout and stderr) and t_fnc_stdIn (for stdin) define
   the callback.
   the callback must return the number of char processed (the actual size if operating normally)

enum stdwrite_kind { stdwrite_kind_out=0, stdwrite_kind_err } ;

typedef size_t (ABSTRACT_CALLBACK_UNITEX *t_fnc_stdOutWrite)(const void*Buf, size_t size,void* privatePtr);
/* SetStdWriteCB sets the callback for one of the two (stdout or stderr) output streams
   if trashOutput == 1, fnc_stdOutWrite must be NULL and the output will just be ignored
   if trashOutput == 0 and fnc_stdOutWrite == NULL and the output will be the standard output
   if trashOutput == 0 and fnc_stdOutWrite != NULL the callback will be used

   the callback is called with a zero size in only one case: when SetStdWriteCB is called, the preceding
   callback is called a last time (with its associated privatePtr) with a zero size.
   This may allow you, for instance, to close a file or free some memory...

   privatePtr is a private value which is passed as the last parameters of a callback
   GetStdWriteCB sets the current value on *p_trashOutput, *p_fnc_stdOutWrite and **p_privatePtr

   returns 1 if successful and 0 if an error occurred on SetStdWriteCB or GetStdWriteCB

UNITEX_FUNC int UNITEX_CALL SetStdWriteCB(enum stdwrite_kind swk, int trashOutput,
                                        t_fnc_stdOutWrite fnc_stdOutWrite,void* privatePtr);
UNITEX_FUNC int UNITEX_CALL GetStdWriteCB(enum stdwrite_kind swk, int* p_trashOutput,
                                        t_fnc_stdOutWrite* p_fnc_stdOutWrite,void** p_privatePtr);

Additionally, the C implementation allows you to redirect all messages to a callback function.

#include "AbstractFilePlugCallback.h"

SetStdWriteCB(stdwrite_kind_out, 1, NULL,NULL);
SetStdWriteCB(stdwrite_kind_err, 1, NULL,NULL);


 * allow ignore (flushMode is TRUE) or emit normal message to stdout
public native static boolean setStdOutTrashMode(boolean flushMode);

 * allow ignore (flushMode is TRUE) or emit error message to stderr
public native static boolean setStdErrTrashMode(boolean flushMode);

To disable all the Unitex console outputs you could call:

UnitexJni.setStdOutTrashMode (true);
UnitexJni.setStdErrTrashMode (true);